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DJAO "Taigamoss"

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Seattle resident Alex Osuch (a.k.a. DJAO) is the latest budding producer to contribute a release to Dropping Gems' growing discography. For his EP, Wuhn (artwork above), the Northwesterner presents five tracks of woozy, textural beat work, including this cut which marks the halfway point of the tender endeavor. Twisting and turning around a stuttering beat, Osuch lays down gentle layers of looped vocals which, when amassed together, flow with ease, creating a lush, ever-present drone throughout. A barrage of glitched wind chimes and microscopic, water-like splashes appear in the tune's uppermost regions, blurring the line between melody and percussion as the elements move in and out of focus within the blink of an eye. Like all releases from the Dropping Gems camp, the lovely EP which houses "Taigamoss" can be had for a "pay-what-you-want" price over on the label's Bandcamp page.

Wuhn -Taigamoss

Wuhn -Taigamoss