B-Ju "Taurus"

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For his third EP of 2012, German producer B-Ju is dropping an animal-themed record of club music that lies somewhere in the mysterious nether regions between garage, bass, techno, and house. The five-song EP is titled Eclectic Zoo (artwork above), and contains three original tracks that boast the beastly titles "Bird Call," "Cry Wolf," and "Taurus." Like most of B-Ju's work, "Taurus" displays detailed percussion, specifically, skittering hi-hats with syncopated kick and snare patterns. Chopped vocals and regularly spaced piano stabs feature prominently on the tune, although both take a backseat to synth pads and heavy bass as the song progresses. You can get your copy of Eclectic Zoo, which also includes remixes from 123Mrk and Tete de Tigre, on July 9 when it comes out through Squelch & Clap.