Benedek "That's My Jam (Benedek's Midnight Crusier Mix)"

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Los Angeles native Benedek is a few weeks away from releasing his debut EP, That's My Jam!, and has offered up this slow, G-funkin' take on his own tune to help spread the word. Free of the outlandish Dam-Funk vocals which grace the EP's title track, this version allows for the focus to be on Benedek's impressive synth work, which is marked by space-age melodies and miniature keyboard pops and sizzles (not to mention some sweet—if not synthesized—sax appearances). Where the original finds Dam-Funk and Benedek teaming up for a song about a night in the club, this solo endeavor seems to be the counterpart which fits in at the end of that story, when Benedek's on his way back after a long night of dancing, and it's just him and some ladies and/or homies heading home—in a spaceship. The That's My Jam! EP hits the streets in digital and 7" vinyl formats on August 16.

That's My Jam! (Benedek's Midnight Cruiser Mix)