Dfalt "The Beggars"*Daylight Curfew*

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Los Angeles-based label Daylight Curfew has slowly gained traction as a promising imprint for leftfield hip-hop and downtempo productions, often served cold with a decidedly dub-wise aesthetic. One of the label's most interesting producers is L.A. dweller Dfalt, who has boned up on more than a few pages from the Tri Angle playbook while also possessing a healthy set of toys and a fascination for "plugins, magic, and weed." Still, that doesn't mean that "The Beggars"—the opening tune off the man's forthcoming Helsinki Beat Tape (Part One) record—is either a brooding or a show-offy tune, but rather somewhere in the middle. Dfalt makes his individual case from the top: the drums land with hard thuds, pushing a tasteful chipmunked vocal before slowly slicing in a ponderous, noir synth that gradually slides the tune forward. Helsinki Beat Tape (Part One) is due out on June 11.

01 The Beggars

The Beggars