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Jennifer Cardini "Thewayitusedtobe"

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Jennifer Cardini is the kind of person that remembers, and that's a good thing when you consider that her career spans from the mid-'90s to today. With productions that stretch from the glory days of acid house to the popular explosion of minimal techno, she's in a unique position to reference the totality of dance music in her work. "Thewayitusedtobe" is a perfect example, an exclusive track she sent our way in support of an upcoming tour with dates in Europe and North America (the first show is tonight, check below for the specifics). With a slinky, contemporary tech-house bassline, breathy spoken-word vocals, and an overall ambiance indebted to the poppy experimental minimalism of people like Ellen Allien, she creates a track that remembers the past while staying immediately present.

05-08 – Blk Market Underground, New York City
06-08 – Martha’s Vineyard
07-08 – White Room, Miami
13-08 – La Favorita, Gaudalajara
19-08 – Paris
13-09 – Paris
15-09 – Milk, Geneva
16-09 – Paris
01-10 – Exil, Zurich
08-10 – I.Boat, Bordeaux