kidkanevil "Thousand Year Forest (One for Yosi)"

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Last year, Japanese producer Yosi Horikawa dropped Vapor; serving as his debut full-length, the 16-track album stitched together remarkably detailed sound design and adventurous beatwork. Now, the First Word label is preparing to drop Vapor Remixed 1, the (presumably) first in a series of remix EPs which gathers reworks from Daisuke Tanabe, Fulgeance, and kidkanevil. Also included in the package is "Thousand Year Forest (One for Yosi)," a kidkanevil original made with Horikawa's style in mind. "Daisuke Tanabe and I took a field recording trip to Mount Fuji," kidkanevil explains, "and came across a really beautiful and strange forest nearby... this beat was made from those recordings." Furthermore, the producer explains that he felt "quite inspired by [Horikawa's] use of field recording, the directness and detail and the way it's utilized in his production," and so made this track as a tribute to his craft. The resulting production, "Thousand Year Forest," can be downloaded below while Vapor Remixed 1 is set to land on September 22.

Thousand Year Forest (One For Yosi)