d'Eon "Transparency"

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There is no question that Los Angeles label Hippos In Tanks has emerged as a remarkably consistent supplier of next-generation artists reinventing '80s and '90s synth soundscapes. On April 19, the label will release Dark Bloom, a split 12" shared by Montreal artists d'Eon and Grimes. Each side will contain roughly an EP's worth of material from each artist (the complete tracklist is posted after the jump). On this cut from the d'Eon side, glittering gospel-organ chords introduce what could be '90s-era Brandy, but instead accompany d'Eon's equally captivating and effeminate voice. The rest of the track's production is no less rich, as the song is expertly executed to sound both vintage and disarmingly fresh. If the rest of d'Eon's contibutions are anything like this piece of throwback perfection, the growing contingent of male R&B vocalists will have a serious contender in its ranks. (via Altered Zones)

SIDE A: Grimes
01 Orphia
02 Vanessa
03 Crystal Ball
04 Urban Twilight
05 Hedra

SIDE B: d’Eon
01 Telepathy
02 Thousand Mile Trench
03 Tongues
04 Transparency