Mongo Skato "Turismoc"

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The fast-paced 1080p label seems intent on continuing its run of plucking fertile talent from places no one else thought to look with the debut release from Mongo Skato, I Don't Give It, just on the horizon. A New Zealand-based producer, Skato's forthcoming eight-track debut is said to deliver a range of "euphoric" and "deranged" hybrid technoid productions influenced by "recently discovered dirt-cheap '90s house and techno records." Our first glimpse into how Skato's various aims and inspirations may all converge on I Don't Give It comes in the form of "Turismoc," a track which steadily bounces with lo-fi rhythms that serve as the structural base for an array of fuzzy chords and playful melodies whose tones land somewhere between cheap digital synths and decades-old video-game music. Finished off with just a touch of funk, "Turismoc" seems to indicate that Mongo Skato's debut outing will sit nicely amongst the rest of the 1080p catalog when it officially joins the ranks on December 2.