The Deadstock 33s "Underneath the Pines (Disco Bloodbath Remix)"*Gomma*

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Veteran British DJ Justin Robertson has shapeshifted and switched up his sound countless times over the course of his lengthy career. His latest incarnation is The Deadstock 33s, a moniker he's utilizing to create futurist boogie. That phrase—futurist boogie—is important to keep in mind going into Disco Bloodbath's take on recent Deadstock single "Underneath the Pines." Released as a 12" last month, Disco Bloodbath's rework lifts the hooks from the original and scoops everything else out, replacing the backdrop with a leisurely dubbed-out disco bed to form an infectious, sprawling tune. Despite its eight-minute length, the track doesn't wear itself thin.

Underneath The Pines (Disco Bloodbat