untold. 'Nightmare' (Original Version)

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Combining their passion for impactful grooves and sweet melodies, Max Sudhoff and David Wiegand from Germany founded their untold. project in mid 2015. It didn’t take long for many tech-house and techno tracks to come to life, resulting in their first release in June 2016. The three-track Heros EP came out on Hamburg-based label Nobiz Records, the duo's first attempt to discover different atmospheres and vibes in groove-based electronic music.

“Nightmare” (Original Mix) is one of their newest works, one that is offered as one of today's XLR8R free downloads. It takes its time to develop a dark and musing ambience, while still maintaining a solid fundament that makes you move. The selective use of percussion as background as well as a melodic element displays a counterpoint to the harmonies being produced by analog synthesizers.

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Nightmare (Original Mix)