Memory Tapes "Wait in the Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)"

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Seeing as how we've got this rad contest with the wonderful Cascine label running on XLR8R this week, we thought it'd be appropriate to remind you all of the reasons why we love the electronic pop sounds that the burgeoning imprint associates with. For your listening pleasure, we have this remix of "Wait in the Dark" from Memory Tapes' second album, Player Piano, by Cascine-inked, Nashville-based duo Jensen Sportag. The pair turns the already-upbeat number into a disco-tinged dancefloor jam, complete with funky basslines, deep synth chords, and a handful of slick guitar riffs that Chromeo would envy. But instead of cramming its remix full of '80s pastiche and snarky vocal hooks, Jensen Sportag gives this version of "Wait in the Dark" a bit of softly glowing neon soul that was previously absent from the indie-slanted original. You can grab a couple other remixes of new Memory Tapes tunes over here.

Wait In The Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)

Wait in the Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)

The Wind Caresses Her Hair

Wait in the Dark (Jensen Sportag Remix)