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A Lull "Weapons For War (Houses Remix)"

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Many moons ago—if you'll remember with us—we premiered a brand-new song from the burgeoning post-rock artisans in Chicago's A Lull, entitled "Weapons For War." Since that song went live on our website back in October 2009, the boys of that band gave it a bit of a facelift in preparation for its official release as the lead track on A Lull's debut LP for the Mush label, Confetti—not to mention the Weapons For War EP (pictured above), which drops on March 1. Also on that EP are a handful of remixes, including this one from fellow Chicagoans Houses. The electro-pop-inclined pair reformat the original song's baroque layers of percussion and busied melodic elements into a simple and bubbling tune that floats somewhere in between The Postal Service's more sullen moments and that one song from the '90s about a phonebooth by Primitive Radio Gods. But instead of sampling B.B. King's bluesy vocal hooks, Houses nabs a lyric from singer Nigel Dennis—repeating "We'll all lay down when it's time to/Not one minute early/Not one minute early" before trailing off into the remix's gradual comedown.

A Lull's Confetti is out on April 12.

Weapons For War (Houses Remix)

Weapons For War (Houses Remix)