Werdna Namde "Selles"

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Werdna Art

After saving a young woman's life at a concert in 2012, Werdna Namde (a.k.a. SNKNGL) became deeply affected by the incident, and immediately began seeking out different ways that he could process this experience into something he could use to positively impact the people around him. Werdna creates tracks that directly express his attitude towards the human condition, and his desire to enjoy every bit of his new found passion for life. With an ever changing arsenal of mysterious aliases under his belt, Namde now offers up a download of his new track "Selles." Futuristic and raw in sound, the arrangement chugs towards a slow burn that is reminiscent of a pitched down Chicago house record, inside of ambulance on its way to extinguish a five-alarm warehouse fire. The track also includes original cover artwork by Nicholas Treadway.