fLako "What's That Calling Me"*Project: Mooncircle*

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Released in 2011, but made of productions completed between 2006 and 2008, fLako's part-beat-tape, part-proper-album The Mesektet will see a reissue as a double-LP next month via Project:Mooncircle, the label which originally issued the 30-track effort. In its forthcoming refurbished form, The Mesektet will come with a grab bag of previously unreleased tunes, including "What's That Calling Me," a track which shows off the London producer's ability to mash together disparate sonic worlds; in this case the loose, percussive swing of samba-esque loops and the spinning atmosphere of warbly, space-age synths. The Mesektet Extnd reissue is set to drop June 7; its full tracklist can be found after the jump.

01 Moonchild (Reissue Exclusive)
02 YeahYeahYeah
03 Eluma Horns
04 Sun Ba
05 Crying On the In
06 Elsewhere (Reissue Exclusive)
07 Pupil Suck (Reissue Exclusive)
08 Finger On The Pony (Reissue Exclusive)
09 Mirror Box
10 Voodoo (Reissue Exclusive)
11 Welcome
12 Moving Molecules
13 Dwarf Dance
14 Transition (Reissue Exclusive)
15 Soosh (Reissue Exclusive)
16 One Quarter
17 Psico (Reissue Exclusive)
18 Hotsh
19 Lords Of Chaos
20 Humming
21 SP 405
22 Casita
23 The Sorcerer (Reissue Exclusive)
24 Whats That Calling Me (Reissue Exclusive)
25 Lullaby
26 Chapter 4
27 Peter And The Whale
28 The Wrong Guy
29 Colors Of Love

Whats That Calling Me