Lowhitey "When You Have So Much Love to Give"

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Swells of heavenly chords, bell-like melodies, and field recordings of waves fill the first minute of "When You Have So Much Love to Give," the opening effort from Polish producer Wojciech Misiak's upcoming EP as Lowhitey. Set to lead off Misiak's seven-track outing for Seattle's Hush Hush label, the production presents detailed bits of sound design which are reshaped into precise rhythmic components that etch out a hesitant beat underneath a wide-spread smattering of blissful textures and intricate melodies. "When You Have So Much Love to Give" is set to appear alongside three other atmospheric Lowhitey compositions—as well as remixes from Hush Hush affiliates Chants, VVV, and The Phantom—when Misiak's Alone with My Thoughts EP sees its official release on November 17.

When You Have So Much Love to Give