Pierre LX "Winter Light (Enola Remix)"

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On April 14, French-born, London-based Pierre LX (pictured above) will release a collection of largely improvised, on-the-fly house and UK bass productions titled Out 1. All of the tracks were made using hardware, a notable detail for an album made in free-form spurts. On this Enola remix of album cut "Winter Light," it sounds as if Enola kept with the analog aesthetic, using crackling metallic synths undeniably born out of a hot piece of machinery to drizzle them over the middle of the track. The only thing keeping this song from going to a factory warehouse in Berlin is a warm bed of high thread-count house drums and a friendly giant of a bassline. The album tracklist and cover art are below.

1. Winter Light
2. Overflow
3. Quadrivrium
4. Index 1
5. Olympia
6. Gerry
7. Hypothesis
8. L.A. Dreams


Winter Light (Enola remix)

Winter Light (Enola remix)