Panteros666 "X Lova (Cubic Zirconia Remix)"

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French DJ/producer Victor Watel (a.k.a. Panteros666) was once a member of the mid-'00, blog-friendly outfit The Teenagers, but now counts himself amongst the members of the Club Cheval crew along with Canblaster, Myd, and Sam Tiba. He's also keeping company these days with the folks at the well-respected Sound Pellegrino label, who just released his Kegstand EP. From that release comes this remix of Watel's "X Lova" tune by NY freak-house outfit Cubic Zirconia. The tricky trio worked the track into a creepy, clattering club number that grows more disconcerting as it progresses. Singer Tiombe Lockhart's voice turns from an airy croon with a tinge of confusion into a something like a dark incantation meant to wake the dead, and the music becomes increasingly distorted, ominous, and downright strange—right up until it shuts down. Save this one for the next time you DJ under a full moon. (via Discobelle)

X Lova (Cubic Zirconia Remix)