XLR8R's Best of 2017: Top Downloads (50-1)

Check out the 100 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section this year.
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Yesterday, we kicked off our Best of 2017 coverage with the the first instalment in the top 100 downloads of the year countdown. Today, we tie a knot on a year's worth of free music with the 50 most popular tracks that were released through XLR8R. Thanks must go out to all the artists who graciously offered up their tracks this year, and the readers who downloaded, listened, and played them across the globe.

As our holiday offering, all 100 tracks have been bundled up into a zip file and can be downloaded at the end of this feature via WeTransfer.

50. Marcel Lune "The Further You Look"

49. Discrete Circuit "Circuitry" (Impressions Mix)

48. Ghosting "One Summer (Spirited Away)"

47. DJ Unrefined "HOWL011.5" (Howl Ensemble Reconstruction)

46. Spoko & Aguayo "Dirty Dancing"

45. Rob Shields "Water"

44. Leifur James "Time"

43. Orson Wells "Hemisphere Pt.2"

42. Dollkraut "Red Girl"

41. TCP "Dynamic Energy" (Moscoman Rework)


40. Arma "Favela" (Murder He Wrote Remix)

39. Timo Maas & James Teej "Mary Wanna" (SoulPhiction Dskodub)

38. André Baum "For The Love"

37. Rich NxT "Most of the Time"

36. Premiesku "7 Base"

35. Terr "Midnight" (XLR8R Ambient Mix)

34. Go Hiyama "Piano"

33. Seph "Rom" (Cosmin TRG Remix)

32. Cubenx "Mercurial" (Neil Quigley Re-Think)

31. Atish "Twiddles"

30. Kas:st "Emotional Progress"

29. Otzeki "True Love" (Pheek Remix)

28. Alci "Eleven"

27. Bruce Loko "God's Window"

26. Pick a Piper "Nikko"

25. The Suicide Of Western Culture "Dysplasia" (Fairmont & Undo Remix)

24. Tom Trago "Rain Room"

23. Piek "Despertar" feat. Fabel

22. Pact Infernal "Circle VI [Heresy] (Pact Infernal Reincarnate)"

21. Heart People "Voices" (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

20. Bonobo "Break Apart" (Lukan's Lo-Fi Bootleg)

19. Lemna "Knot"

18. Eleonora "Seven Levels Of Heaven"

17. Alfredo Mazzilli "Vanir"

16. Wata Igarashi "Cocytus" (r2π Remix)

15. Kevin Over "Dighaus" (Geddes Remix)

14. Satoshi Tomiie "New Day" (Maayan Nidam Eggshells Remix)

13. Robot Koch, Savannah Jo Lack "Eta Aquarid" (Alex Banks Remix)

12. Molecule "Abysses" (Traumer Remix)

11. Djebali feat. John Dimas "Suzaku"

10. Dadub "Rain On The Earth"

9. ORI "Black Book"

8. TÂCHES & Anabel Englund "Cha Cha" (Velvet Version)

7. Mark Stoermer "39 Steps" (Shannoncut Remix)

6. 30/70 "Slangin"

5. Alpha Steppa ft. Nai-Jah & Ras Divarius "The Time Has Come" [XLR8R Exclusive Dub Mix]

4. Smagghe & Cross feat. Matthew Herbert "In The Morning" (Pilooski feat Clément Froissart Smooth, Not Criminal Mix)

3. DJ Seinfeld "What Kind of Sandwich is This?"

2. Seu Jorge "Mania de Peitão" (Adana Twins Edit)

1. SadeOperation Smooth [MANIK Edits] EP