XLR8R's Top 10 Downloads of April

Check out the 10 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section last month.
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Now that we've ticked over into May, it's time to announce the top 10 most popular tracks to land in XLR8R's downloads section in April. Like in March, April's list is mostly made up of original productions, with only two remixes present. Two LA producers topped the list this month, with Symbols label head, Kastle, in the top spot, followed closely by Cooper Saver, who's rework of Harriet Brown was one the two remixes on the list. Saver and Kastle were joined by Leeds based newcomer Iglew, 100% Silk affiliate Cherushii, and New Yorks' Mike Bloom, among others.

March's 10 most popular XLR8R downloads have been assembled into a list below and can be grabbed for free by following their respective links. In addition, all 10 tracks have been compiled into one convenient playlist, which can also be found below.

1. Kastle "Strange Days"
2. Harriet Brown "Stop Think (Cooper Saver Remix)"
3. Iglew "Sleep Lighter VIP"
4. Cherushii "Wild Abandon"
5. Pajaro Dune "A Sudden Desire (Zadig Remix)"
6. Gordon "MK Ultra"
7. Yard One "Memory Echoes"
8. Malcom "Falcon Lake"
9. Walrus "Mother Nature"
10. Mike Bloom "Lush"