XLR8R's Top 10 Downloads of April

Check out the 10 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section last month.
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XLR8R has the pleasure of working with countless artists and labels on a day-to-day basis, promoting releases and providing our readers with a fresh dose of music through the ever-popular downloads section. A constant supply of fresh tracks from some of the scene's most promising artists drop there every week, with stirring submissions and new musical discoveries setting the section ablaze. Now that the calendar has ticked over into May and the last few tracks of April have had time to work their magic, it's time to announce the top 10 tracks from last month.

March's 10 most popular XLR8R downloads have been assembled into a list below and can be grabbed for free by following their respective links. In addition, all 10 tracks have been compiled into one convenient file, which can be downloaded via WeTransfer below.

#10: DJ Vague - "4"

DJ Vague's (a.k.a Helix) hulking and crunchy "4" is a consistent and iron-handed track with unconstrained, sparse, and fluttering synth arrangements that hover above the cumbersome drum pattern. The track is an extra cut from his recent EP on Distal's Anarchostar imprint. Download here.

#9: Robot Koch - "Eclipse" (Dnte Remix)

Dnte delivers a stunning remix of Robot Koch's track "Eclipse," which was originally released on his Hypermoment album on Modeselektor'sMonkeytown imprint. Download here.

#8: Mattia Trani - "Hi-Tech Mission"

Coming in at 132 BPM, the title track of Mattia Trani's most recent LP, Hi-Tech Mission, is a heaving and acidic undertaking with a knotty Detroit feel that pays homage to Motor City artists such as Juan AtkinsDerrick May, and Underground Resistance—who have all played a crucial role in shaping the artist's sound. Download here.

#7: Robin Ball - "Fionn"

After a thirteen year hiatus, dance music maverick Robin Ball is back with a re-launch of his time-honored imprint Groovepressure. To help celebrate his fantastic return, Ball provides XLR8R with the aqueous and widescreen track "Fionn." Download here.

#6: Mongo Skato - "Perc"

Following the release of his highly-regarded LP on Vancouver-based label 1080p back in 2014, New Zealand artist Mongo Skato offers up his cut from New Zealand imprint Margins' debut compilation. Possessing a true and grooving sense of fulfillment, the track's housey vibe uses a fetching vocal hook, horn samples, and a refreshing, straightforward rhythm. Download here.

#5: bmfbmf - "Mould Me"

Downtempo and brooding, Glasgow artist bmfbmf's track "Mould Me" utilizes groveling bass tones, eyeful strings, and arresting vocal samples that give the tune an air of mystery and solemnity. Download here.

#4: Cranks - "Semantic Memory"

Co-founder of NYC's Safer at Night music label, alongside Curses and Lawrence Lee, Alex Seamens (a.k.a Cranks) offers up the cut "Semantic Memory" from his most recent three-track EP Intermodal. Centered by a repetitive, unshakable backbone, the track's "analog jabs and excited drums create a dance-inducing loophole into techno-freedom." Download here.

#3: Harald Björk - "Vocal House"

Swedish DJ-producer Harald Björk offers up a cut from his second full-length album on his Kranglan Broadcast label, titled Kris- & Konflikthantering(translates to crisis and conflict management). "Vocal House" kicks off with echoing, crunchy percussion before introducing warm chords, a hollowed out kick drum, decisive textures, and an ethereal synth pattern that is utterly splendid. Download the track here.

#2: Nunca Duerma - "Acid Jazz"

Currently based in Chicago, Tahif Attiek (a.k.a Nunca Duerma) has been making quite a name for himself in a city that is known for churning out great talent in the electronic music scene. Having previously been featured on our download section twice, the multi-instrumentalist demonstrates an impressive understanding of funk, hip-hop, jazz, and electronica that meshes together in a display of slackened, fringed-out musical satisfaction. Meaning “never sleep” in Spanish, Nunca Duerma's overall aesthetic can be compared to "a clear night sky among towering buildings, speeding cars on a busy highway, and streaking trails of light in a time-lapsed photo."

Nunca Duerma offered up his new "Acid Jazz" tune from his forthcoming cassette release, Ven Ahora, set to drop on June 17 via YHS Records. The framework of the track pays tribute to Chicago's footwork scene and simultaneously introduces an impactful, sophisticated pace and sentiment that gives the track a noticeable amount of guile.

#1: Edyth - "Àgua Verde"

Releasing music on French imprint Fake Music, the budding and anonymous artist from the Sudan known as Edyth has been traversing his way through the world with a stunningly unique sound. Following the release of his debut EP, Bare I, Edyth told Pigeons and Planes that the whole project is "a narrative backed, sci-fi influenced, and earth-inspired project that I’ve dreamt of exploring ever since I took up music producing."

Following on from Bare I, Edyth released his wicked and neck-snapping sophomore EP, Àgua Verde. We jumped at the chance to host the EP's title track as an XLR8R download and the results have been stellar. Psychedelic in nature, the track spins around like watercolors on glass—as the EP art suggests—while featuring a charming guitar riff, luxuriant vocal samples, and a knavish, rebelling drum arrangement. Download here.

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