Anushka "Yes Guess (Chesus R.A.W. Mix)"*Brownswood*

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Despite his relatively low-key release schedule, Chesus (a.k.a. Earl Jeffers), has still managed to burn brightly in the underground. The DJ/producer is one-fourth of house/garage-obsessed collective C.R.S.T., but his own solo work owes just as much to classic and soulful dancefloor sounds. His new remix of "Yes Guess" for upcoming future-pop duo Anushka (pictured above) succeeds largely because of its solid juxtaposition of bubbly and bright synthwork with off-kilter vocal samples from the original tune. The results are less anthemic and precise, sounding more improvised as the keys and washes of percussion subtly interplay with the groove. "Yes Guess (Chesus R.A.W. Mix)" will appear in the near future as part of a remix EP on the way from Anushka and Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label.

Yes Guess (Chesus R.A.W. Mix)