Nocow "You Got Me"


St. Petersburg-based producer Nocow has just announced the imminent release of Ruins Tape, his upcoming beat tape on Russia's G5 Music. This comes following a short (but impressive) string of releases that developed a sound reminiscent of the bass-leaning communities of London and Los Angeles. In advance of Ruins Tape, he's slipped us the intensely atmospheric "You Got Me" as a teaser. Continuing in the vein of "Moonlight Flit" (which we posted a few months back), "You Got Me" combines a complex and broken rhythm with deep washes of synthesized color and a wistful but unintelligible vocal hook. Ruins Tape comes out September 12 in two distinct versions: free on bandcamp and on cassette with a limited run of 100. In the meantime, grab "You Got Me" below and check out the song's dreamy video after the jump.

You Got Me