XLR8R Weekly Top Ten: Jesu, Sven Väth, Fat Joe

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Jesu LifelineHydra Head
Although Lifeline isn’t exactly Jesu’s best material, it’s still some of the finest heavy shoegaze to hit record shelves this year. Featuring a load of layered harmonies, sporadic electronic percussion, and buried, effected vocals, these four tracks display Godflesh-founder Justin Broadrick’s project in its most mellow and melodic state. Including a collaborative song with Swans’ Jarboe, Jesu’s fifth 2007 release will have metalheads and post-rockers stoked. FM

Various Sven Väth In the Mix: The Sound of the Eighth SeasonCocoon
At some point Sven Väth decided he was going to create a mix of some of the most mind-altering techno tracks he could get his hands on, and we’re stoked that he did. Clocking in at over 150 minutes, this two-disc mix is packed to the brim with enough psychedelic, muffled techno to slaughter clubs in Berlin and Ibiza alike. Featuring tracks from Alter Ego, Chaton, Joris Voorn, and more, In the Mix is a post-midnight gift from the gods. FM

Arcade FireNeon BibleMerge
After David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen got behind the cause, I couldn’t help but finally really check out what all the Arcade Fire fuss was about. Turns out they do the quiet-slung Americana-pop thing better than a lot of Americans (like this weird Eddie and The Cruisers homage, “Keep the Car Running”). Pretty radio-friendly, but it’s nice when a band can bring together people who know nothing about music with people who know tons about it. Hell, this version even comes with a couple flipbooks. Nice! KT

SunI’ll Be the SameStaubgold
We featured Oren Ambarchi’s Southern Lord debut last week, and now we have to give dap to the artist’s collaboration with Chris Townsend under the Sun moniker. Unlike Ambarchi’s doom-clad work with The Burial Chamber Trio and on his solo records, I’ll Be the Same could easily fall into the indie-folk category. With plenty of melancholic guitar lines and discordant vocals, this surprisingly catchy record is a fine achievement for the Staubgold imprint. FM

Fat Joe Feat. Lil’ Wayne “The Crack House” Imperial
Fat Joe and Lil’ Wayne have teamed up once again and they just cooked up fire. Featuring über-glitchy production, Joe’s pissed-off lyrics, and Lil’ Wayne waxing poetic about a crack house, this as a club staple. It’s no “Make It Rain,” but “The Crack House” will rock blogs and Hot 97 for days to come. FM

LindstrømThe Contemporary Fix EPSmalltown Supersound
Lindstrøm has officially made the crossover into prog-rock territory. As if the 20-minute track with Prins Thomas weren’t enough, the spacey producer enlisted Bjørn Torske and Boredoms’ EYE to handle remixes for this four-song journey. Resonating guitars, a rhythmic pulse, and a Rod Stewart hook lead the way through the Norseman’s newest, so you know this is leftfield business. If disco is dead, then prog-disco is alive and well. FM

StSanders “Shreds” YouTube clips
This StSanders guy surprised me. I was searching for some crazy Santana-shredding footage, and what did I get but some of this guy’s completely offbeat, horribly strummed parody versions of “Oye Como Va” and Clapton. And then I got it. Check moment 1:12 in the Santana vid for a rad “Final Countdown” homage, and then check Metallica’s killer version of “One.” KT

Röyksopp “What Else Is There (Trentemøller Remix)” Audiomatique
Featured on Trentemøller’s recently released Trentemøller Chronicles collection, this relatively older remix deserves to be revisited. Featuring epic vocals courtesy of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer, a New Order-esque breakdown, and some of the gloomiest Trentemøller production yet, “What Else is There” is still a dark-electro gem. If you haven’t picked up this two-disc collection, perhaps now is the time. FM

Dominik Eulberg BionikCocoon
Dominik Eulberg’s effortlessly dark techno should not be taken for granted. Bionik is minimally melodic, thumping, and filled with plenty of surprises from the trance graveyard. After listening to the hypnotic and heavy “Haifischflügel,” it would be hard to deny that this one of the choicest techno LPs of 2007. FM

Prinzhorn Dance School You Are the Space Invader EPDFA/Astralwerks
While Prinzhorn Dance School can sound a bit reminiscent of The White Stripes at times, this EP is worth swooping for the Optimo remix alone. Featuring a bunch of weirdly layered vocal noise, post-punk percussion, and the same bassline for six minutes, the “You Are Space Invader” remix couldn’t make any more sense, despite the odd title. FM

FM-Fred Miketa
KT-Ken Taylor