1-800-Dinosaur to Launch New Label with James Blake 12"

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The club night co-curated by James Blake, 1-800-Dinosaur has announced its new venture as a record label, which will be head up by former R&S label manager Dan Foat and launched with a two-track 12" from Blake himself. In an interview with Juno Plus, Foat says of the future of his new project, "There is no specific plan to be honest. The initial focus is to release forward-thinking music based around the people already involved with the label or our friends." On his departure from R&S, the ex-label manager says, "Last year I felt like I had taken R&S as far as I could, and my priorities and attention had always been with James [Blake] as his manager, so 1-800-Dinosaur is a logical progression and an exciting challenge. Most of the key artists I signed to R&S have since left, so it’s a good time to explore new opportunities." Blake's upcoming record will feature a dub version of "Voyeur," a cut from his forthcomingOvergrown LP, as well as the completely new track "And Holy Ghost." Before the 12" drops in the middle of this month, a video for the original version of "Voyeur" can be viewed in the player below.