100% Silk Documentary on the Way; Watch the Trailer Now

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Serving as the label home to artists such as Ital, Magic Touch, Octo Octa, Bobby Browser, Maria Minerva, and many others, Amanda Brown's 100% Silk outpost has certainly accomplished quite a bit during its first few years, carving its very own space in the dance-music sphere and mainiting an exceptionally prolific output in the process. Apparently, this fact did not pass over filmmaker Benjamin Shearn, who has put together a new documentary about the label, simply titled Silk. Focused around 100% Silk's 2012 tour through "the UK, Europe, and beyond" (an excursion which featured Brown's own LA Vampires outfit along with Ital, Magic Touch, and Maria Minerva), Silk is said to serve as "a chronicle of the performances, cultural environments, and global scenes through which the troupe traveled: a congested, underground Parisian club, a motorcycle showroom in Bristol, an abandoned industrial lot in Moscow, an afterhours Berlin compound, a re-purposed World War II gun tower in Hamburg, as well as massive international festivals such as Distortion in Copenhagen and Sonar in Barcelona." In addition, director Benjamin Shearn has intercut this story with seven staged dance sequences which are "designed to visually articulate the personal philosophies and emotional aesthetics of the artists, while also exploring the pop-cultural iconography of the music itself." The film is set to premiere at the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival next month, and its trailer can be watched below. Additional information and further clips from the documentary can be found here.