Christopher Willits' Top Ten Album Picks

San Francisco-based artist Christopher Willits' musical career took leaps in 2006 with his Surf Boundaries release on Ghostly. A definite renaissance man who enjoys blurring genres, Willits includes one common element in his many different styles–his use of the guitar with custom-made signal processing. Using homemade software, he creates complex melodies and rhythms that set him a few bars above the average guitar player.

Chris was nice enough to compile a list of 10 albums for XLR8R that are his current favorites. Read on to find out what's in heavy rotation on his stereo.

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Christopher Willits' Top Ten Album Picks

Vinelo Madagascar: A Master Of The Maro Tady VDE-Gallo
Vinelo will make you fall into a trance while shakin' your booty.

Carpenters Close To You A&M
Vocal harmonies and arrangements that are constantly blowing my mind.

Stephan Mathieu And Janek Schaefer Hidden Name Cronica
The best (okay, i'm going to say it) "ambient" release I've heard in quite a while. Congrats, guys, and thanks for keeping things fresh and with depth.

The Italian Futurists Musica Futurista: The Art of Noises Syn
When avant-garde really meant that. Crazy stuff.

Brad Laner Unreleased LP
Brad has an amazing sense of melody, song, and noise, and someone really needs to release this record. Brad is not shopping it around because he has too many melodies in his head to mess with right now.

Jeff Parker Like-Coping Delmark
You beautiful player, you. Jeff is the Jim Hall of this generation. Fucking sick, my friend. A very overlooked LP, in my opinion.

Pinback Summer In Abaddon Touch and Go
Not sure why my friends don't believe me when i say that I love this record. It's just there; definitely hits it. A complete record. Slamming singles. But above all it's a great record. Light yellow, pink, and brown. Pinback's version of Siamese Dream.

So Percussion Steve Reich: Drumming Cantaloupe
Is this better than the OG release? These guys rip. Gradual process speaks to the soul, invites us into the energy.

Stevie Wonder Music of My Mind Motown
About every six months I rediscover how amazing this record is. If you love "Girl Blue," definitely check the "Main Ingredients" cover.

Alice Coltrane Ptah The El Daoud Verve Music
Wow. Light.