Vladislav Delay Turns Ten

Vladislav Delay (a.k.a. Sasu Ripatti) is a Finnish producer who has set the standard for techno experimentation. With a knack for layering delay effects and soft, hitting percussion, Delay bridges the gap between sustained clouds of harmony and 4/4 dance-central.

Ten years into his career, Delay has released records on standard-setting labels like Mille Plateaux, Chain Reaction, Staubgold, Max.Ernst and his own Huume imprint. He’s also toyed with house, ambient, and a little underwater disco with his guises as Uusitalo and Luomo.

Supporting his new release, Whistleblower (Huume), Delay lugs his challenging performance over to San Francisco for a one-time underground massacre on Saturday, May 25.

After two insane nights with artists like Pole, Kode9, and Badawi annihilating eardrums, Delay will cap off the week with a long-anticipated live set. Featuring live animation by S.F.’s own Sue.C, the show is likely to change your perception

For advance tickets and venue information go to Sensory Perception.

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