Sebastien Grainger Readies Full-Length

He's widely known as one-half of the now-defunct duo Death From Above 1979, but since the band split back in 2006, Sebastien Grainger has been following a different trajectory, one that's led him towards a solo promising career.

The ex-dance-punker will release his debut full-length, Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains, on October 21 via Saddle Creek, following on the heels of his American Names EP, which came courtesy of the Omaha, NE-based label earlier this summer. If the latter is any indication, fans won't find Grainger screaming and thrashing about DFA-style on the new album, but there's still plenty of rock to go around, only more refined, with sweeping guitar chords and heartfelt lyrics that carry a warm melody as equally as they rattle the speakers.

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains
01 Love Can Be So Mean
02 Who Do We Care For
03 By Cover Of Night (Fire Fight)
04 I'm All Rage (Live '05)
05 I Hate My Friends
06 (Are There) Ways To Come Home
07 Niagra
08 (I Am Like A) River
09 Love Is Not A Contest
10 American Names
11 Meet New Friends
12 Renegade Silence (feat. The Rhythm Method)

Photo by Eva Michon.

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