Top 10: Flying Lotus, Jay Reatard, Vast Aire

Sami Koivikko
Spectral Sound
Release Date; Out Now

Three tracks of house and techno that find this Finnish producer combining the energy of big-room dance music with intricate and emotionally wrought musical arrangements.

Jay Reatard
Singles: 06-07
In the Red
Release Date: Out Now

Memphis, TN's prolific garage-rock musician has gathered a collection of his singles from, yup, 2006 and 2007, and shows off his taste for ’60s sensibilities and no-bullshit attitude when it comes to songwriting.

Praveen & Benoit
Songs Spun Simla
Music Related
Release Date: August 19

Gorgeous album that's a collaboration between songwriters Praveen Sharma and Benoît Pioulard, who have only ever met a handful of times but have managed to arrange a collection of dreamy instrumentals and chillingly pretty vocals. Download "Embers"

Flying Lotus
Los Angeles
Release Date: Out Now

Still caning this one on a daily basis. FlyLo's outdone himself on his sophomore full-length, pulling as many drony guitar arrangements, delayed beats, and lush electronics as he can. Download "Dance Floor Stalker"

Tommy Boy
Release Date: August 19

Dream-pop time! A rather Postal Service-esque affair from this new Brooklyn-based band, who've been garnering attention on the web and will finally release this four-track EP this month. Look for the full-length in '09.

Steve Bug
Bugnology 3
Poker Flat
Release Date: September 2008

This is the third compilation in Bug's acclaimed series, and it's a pretty accurate snapshot of the current minimal dance scene, with tracks from Tigerskin, Adultnapper, Matthias Mayer, and others in the mix.

Vast Aire
Dueces Wild
Release Date: Out Now

The second solo full-length from Cannibal Ox MC Vast Aire, packed with samples, beats, production work from Pete Rock and Oh No, guests like Camp Lo's Gecchi Suede, and a whole lot more indie-rap goodness.

High Places
High Places
Thrill Jockey
Release Date: September 23

Found sound is very important to this Brooklyn-based duo, who, on their debut album, turned everything from crumpled paper to garbage trucks into avant-garde but ultimately digestible melodies drenched in reverb.

Brendan Canning
Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning Something For All of Us...
Release Date: Out Now

It's erstwhile Broken Social Scene member Brendan Canning's turn to release a solo project, and he presents a versatile mix of music on this album, with distorted guitars and high, breathy vocals.

From the Readers:

Lil' Wayne
"Lollipop (Nasty Ways Remix)"

Officially the most popular MP3 to grace, like, ever. Eprom and Boreta have chopped, spliced, and synthesized the well-known rapper's hit tune, and you guys can't seem to get enough of it.

Photo of Flying Lotus by Theo Jemison.

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