All-City Announces 12" Collab Series

If last year's excellent LA Series is any indication, Dublin's All-City imprint knows what it's doing when it comes to curating ongoing 12" series. So for 2011, the label has decided to start a new series featuring collaborations from a diverse range of producers, the first of which will come from respected sonic innovator Martyn (picture above) and futuristic-beat producer Mike Slott. The collaboration, to be released January 25, is said to have taken 18 months to complete through a series of "emails, yousendits, and skypers!" Maybe not exactly what comes to mind when you imagine two artists collaborating, but the results are impressive enough to make us not really care how it happened and just be happy that it did. No word yet on what other teams the All-City people have put together for the rest of its Collabs Series, but judging from the first pairing, there are plenty of impressive tracks to come. You can check the artwork (with tracklist) below.