Deported LA Artist/Producer Kutmah Announces Touring Exhibit and London Performance

When Kutmah, the UK-born, formerly Los Angeles-based artist/producer, was snapped up by federal agents and detained in a New Mexico prison, the LA music and artist community rallied together by throwing events, raising funds, and showing support for their fellow creative, eventually raising enough money in their "Free Kutmah" campaign to get him legal assistance. After being detained for almost two months, Kutmah was eventually deported to the UK, where he now resides. During his term of imprisonment, he had no outlet for his frustrations and emotions other than to draw with "only a short pencil and ID card" and now those sketches, 39 in total, are the subject of a new art exhibit entitled Two Soups and a Honeybun (after what was the reported price of a blowjob in the New Mexico facility). The exhibit will open in London on January 19 followed by a performance from Kutmah, Dorian Concept, Teebs, Jams, and Patchwork Pirates. And although Kutmah may not legally be allowed back in the US, his art will be making a stateside appearance for him with a planned exhibition of the sketches in Los Angeles. Others shows are also planned for Japan and Egypt. You can check the flier for the London event below and for more info head here.