See XLR8R Photographer Shawn Brackbill's Polaroids

It's no secret to photography buffs and lovers of vintage tech that instant film is on the move again. From the Impossible Project to Polaroid and FujiFilm Instax coming back into the game to produce their own instant emulsions, there's nary a Tumblr blog that doesn't in some way feature the stuff. But that's cool, really, because like vinyl's comeback, analog photography deserves the same sort of resurgence. Polaroid recently launched their Movement campaign, and today they featured XLR8R photographer Shawn Brackbill, who has photographed the likes of Azari & III, Salem, and Teengirl Fantasy for us, and who was also commissioned by Polaroid to shoot Fashion Week in NYC, on their site. Brackbill will be speaking at the company's booth this Friday at CES in Las Vegas about his Polaroid-shot fashion editorial for Dossier Journal. Check out the feature, and then see more of his Polas here. Pictured: Genesis P-Orridge