Teebs Releases Limited-Edition 'Ardour B-Sides' Via My Hollow Drum

Just today, LA-based beatmaker Teebs announced the release of a limited-edition run of handmade CDs, which feature remixes by the producer and b-sides from his debut LP, the lovely Ardour. Over on the website for beat collective My Hollow Drum, you can purchase one (or more) of the 150 discs for $7.00 each, with some extra goodies thrown in for good measure. Also, when Teebs announced the release on his blog, he offered a free download of other rarities that were "never meant to be released." Download those 10 tracks here, get your copy of Ardour B-Sides here, and check out an example of the handmade artwork and the CD's tracklist below.

1. Neck Feathers Daedelus GLK (Teebs Remix)
2. Probably
3. There Is A Difference (Autumn's Trash)
4. Blessed Assurance
5. Just For You (Flipped Gaby Vocals)
6. Sunrise Remedy (New Love)