Munk Releases New Full-Length

Gomma label head Mathias Modica has a new LP under his Munk handle, which has been released today on his own imprint. The forthcoming album features twelve female guest vocalists from around the globe (for the most part singing in English) and fourteen tracks that hop through a variety of cosmic genres, at times exploring funky grooves or euro-glam epicness while always keeping a firm footing in the disco/house-revivalist side of things. The Bird and Beat is out now and you can check the artwork and tracklist below. To preview a good chunk of the record, head over to Gomma's site.

1. Can I Have Your Attention
2. La Musica
3. No Moon Over Kuala Lumpur
4. Violent Love
5. Keep My Secret
6. Kitchen Call
7. Mira Excuse Me
8. Mis Labios
9. Tipsy
10. Marseille Macheta
11. Rue De Rome
12. So Close
13. A Bored Heart
14. Dort