R.I.P. Korg Founder Tsutomu Katoh

The man responsible for such classic instruments as the MS-20, the Elect-Tribe, the Mono/Poly, and the Triton among others, Korg's founder and chairman, Tsutomu Katoh, passed away Tuesday morning after a long battle with cancer. Korg's USA President had these esteemed words to say of Katoh: "Chairman Katoh was a true visionary and a personal friend, and he will be missed by everyone at Korg and indeed, the entire music industry. Over the past 20 years, I have witnessed firsthand the ways in which Korg has flourished under his and his family’s guidance and leadership. His passion and professional goals were one and the same: to provide innovative tools for musicians to help them grow their craft. And those goals remained the same throughout his life and career. He will be deeply missed."