Video: Femme En Fourrure "Bronco"

Helsinki's Femme En Fourrure duo has a brand-new EP ready to drop via its hometown's Top Billin label on March 18. "Bronco" is its deep, brooding title track, and is paired with an equally dark and far and away more sinister music video here, courtesy of the Cocoa production team. What starts out as a young couple enjoying a romantic dinner by the fire soon becomes a vulgar display of debauchery, misogyny, and all around wildness, as the story's main man wanders about town wreaking unprecedented havoc. Why the deplorable bastard doesn't get his throat cut is anyone's guess, but there's still some sick enjoyment to be had in watching him do many things that most of us have only fantasized about in our darker moments. And to help you get your full fix of Femme En Fourrure's chilly club music, we've embedded a streaming player of the Bronco EP—complete with remixes from Nguzunguzu, Teeth, and Square Mode—below.