Funkineven Announces New Single

Though when he initially popped on our radar in 2009, we compared him with Dam-Funk, UK-based producer Funkineven (previously featured here) has proven a multi-faceted beast of his own classification. Working with artists like Floating Points, Fatima, Gucci Mane, and Ossie, Funkineven has carved a fun, nostaliga-tinged niche for himself. Recent releases from the man have relentlessly pursued the hard-edged sound of acid house and late '80s UK rave through the polished lens of funky. Now, spinning off into a completely acid dimension, Funkineven has created "Rolands Jam," a brand-new single that indulges in his most extreme nostalgia tendencies. It's first single of 2011 and the record is scheduled for release on Eglo later this year.

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