Video: Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka "Halo (feat. Abigail Wyles)"

Taken from the They! Live LP by Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (which was just released today via 50Weapons), "Halo (feat. Abigail Wyles)" is a somewhat uncharacteristically somber track from the pair of producers, who are likely known best for propulsive, bass-driven club tunes. And the video featured here is equally as poignant and heartfelt. The piece, directed by Lewis Watkins, mixes old reels of 8mm film and more recent and crisp footage of a young woman going about her day all alone, though she is intermittently joined by a few creepy dudes with suits and masks on. Watch the beautifully surreal music video up top, and check out more of the They! Live album here.