Video: Marco Del Horno v DJ Swerve "Just Rewind feat. Blacks & Lady Chann"

With the proliferation of digital technology in the internet age, the concept of rewinding is beginning to be lost on members of the younger generations. Since we no longer rewind our music and movies after use, about the only time we come close to committing that archaic act is when we're trying to catch a second glimpse of an impressive sports play on television. In this video, Marco Del Horno, DJ Swerve, Blacks, and Lady Chann take us back to the days of VHS and magnetic tape as they spit out some solid, fast-paced grime. The clip shows Blacks and Lady Chann rapping in a room full of disemboweled VHS tapes, whose use these days seems to be limited largely to retro decoration or ironic viewing, while the track's producers get some brief exposure on the video's old-school television sets. The "Just Rewind" single was released in December on UK imprint Black Butter.