George FitzGerald Delivers Free Hotflush Mix

Last week, Mixmag tapped UK garage tinkerer George FitzGerald to put together a mix built from the catalog of Scuba's unparalleled Hotflush imprint (which, by the way, had no trouble finding its way into our list of the top 10 labels of 2011). Although we're a few days late to the game, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to share this hearty helping of both new and old sounds. Making up the 14-song tracklist are familiar tunes from Mount Kimbie, Sepalcure, Joy O, and Mr. FitzGerald himself, but what has us really excited are the forthcoming cuts that appear throughout the 45-plus minute mix. Unreleased sounds from Scuba, Sigha, and Lando Kal, as well as a Kevin McPhee remix of Sepalcure, are all here as part of this sleek collection. You can stream/download the whole offering below, where you'll also conveniently find the full tracklist to peruse.

01 Sigha "Something In Between Us" (forthcoming)
02 Scuba "The Hope" (forthcoming)
03 Joy O "Jels" (HF027)
04 Sepalcure "The One (Kevin McPhee Remix)" (forthcoming)
05 Lando Kal "Rhythm Sektion" (forthcoming)
06 Sigha "B1" (HF029)
07 George FitzGerald "We Bilateral" (Back and 4th Compilation)
08 Paul Woolford & Psycatron "Stolen (Dub 1)" (HFT018)
09 Scuba "Action" (forthcoming)
10 Mount Kimbie "Carbonated" (CNL003)
11 Scuba "Ruptured (Surgeon Remix)" (HFRMX003)
12 Toasty "The Knowledge" (HF006)
13 Sepalcure "No Think" (HF026)
14 Scuba "Dream" (SCUBA003)