Berghain Launches New Imprint

Famed Berlin nightclub Berghain is launching a new imprint to accompany its Ostgut Ton label, which has been releasing music primarily from Berghain-related acts since 2005. The new label has been dubbed Unterton, and will specialize in releasing remixes of music that previously appeared on Ostgut Ton. The first offering from the label comes out on April 2, and will include two remixes from last year's Leaning Over Backwards album from Tobias. The title track will be getting the remix treatment from Efdemin, while Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer will be supplying a remix of "Girts." Maintaining a no-frills approach, each release will be presented in a white-label format, with no additional artwork. Given Berghain's storied history and unparalleled reputation, they're likely thinking the music can speak for itself. (via Juno Plus)