Pantha du Prince and Stephan Arby Ready Collaborative LP

Veteran explorer of wintry electronics Pantha du Prince (pictured above) has teamed up with experimental producer Stephan Arby (of the '90s German outfit Workshop) for the forthcoming, self-titled album Ursprung. The collaborative effort appears to have stemmed from the pair's existing creative relationship, the most recent example being Arby's credit for "sound sources played on prepared instruments" on Pantha du Prince's 2010 record, Black Noise. The music offered on Ursprung will reportedly find the two producers using "the guitar as a foundational sound source" as they lead explorations through Krautrock and ambient soundscapes. Below, you can check out the full tracklist for Ursprung (meaning "origin" in German) before it drops on May 21 via Dial. (via Resident Advisor)

01 Mummenschanz
?02 Ohne Worte?
03 Seiland
?04 Exodus Now?
05 Chrüzegg?
06 Lizzy?
07 In Aufruhr
?08 Nightbirds
?09 Kalte Eiche?
10 Am Buachaille