Barbara Morgenstern Set to Release 'Sweet Silence'

Veteran electronic vocalist and producer Barbara Morgenstern has prepared her sixth solo album, Sweet Silence, for a June 7 release via Monika Enterprise. It's the Berlin-based musician's first album in English, and was mixed by Marcos Haas (a.k.a. T. Raumschmiere), the revered founder of German imprint Shitkatapult. Anthemic and centered on Morgenstern's often humorous, imagery-laden lyrics, the record is said to be a "milestone" in her career, one marked by its accessibility and full-throated honesty. The album's cover art and complete tracklisting is below.

1. Sweet Silence
2. Need To Hang Around
3. Kookoo
4. Spring Time
5. Jump Into the Life-Pool
6. Bela
7. Highwa
8. Night-Time Falls
9. The Minimum Says
10. Auditorium
11. Hip Hop Mice
12. Status Symbol
13. Love is In the Air, But We Don't Care

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