Video Premiere: Cid Rim "Draw"

It's already been a busy week for Vienna's Cid Rim (a.k.a. Clemens Bacher), who released his debut album via LuckyMe yesterday and shared a remix of German producer Sam IRL's "Safety Hertz" the day before. On top of all that, Bacher has now given us this video for "Draw," an ebullient and stab-heavy standout from the brand-new Cid Rim LP. The video showcases the artist's skills behind a drum kit, which he has honed through his work as a jazz drummer in JSBL. A few minutes in, the video cuts to shots of a ball being blown around pretty landscapes, which harkens back to the clip Cid Rim revealed as an album teaser a few weeks ago. The video for "Draw" was shot in HD, so make sure to watch this sleek piece in full screen mode to take advantage of the high quality.

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