Alexander Nut Delivers Wu-Tang-Themed Mix

Longstanding Rinse FM jock and co-head of the Eglo imprint, Alexander Nut is the latest tastemaker to be tapped for an Oki-Ni mix. Forgoing a more or less "basic" DJ set, Nut has used his contribution to the series to profess his love for the Wu-Tang Clan by piecing together his favorite verses, beats, and samples from the crew into an hour-long mix. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Nut gained some of his earliest musical inspiration from the gritty soul samples, Kung-fu references, alter egos, and abrasive verses that Wu-Tang—in its many forms—was known for in its heyday, so it was only a matter of time before he found a way to string all of those influences together as a continuous stream of music. You can listen to Nut's set below, and head here to read up on why/how his WUTANGISFORTHECHILDREN mix came together.