Video: Ejeca "Hi Rollin'"

London deep-house outpost Last Night on Earth has been building an impressive roster over the course of its short existence, with Bubblin' Up producer Ejeca acting as its new rising star. Admittedly, Ejeca has been making tunes for a while now, but it was only after the stunning "You", a collaboration with house mainstays Bicep, that his sound truly started to take shape. Here, we have the video for one of Ejeca's latest productions, "Hi Rollin", lifted from the recently released Frequency EP. Coasting on a slow burn of strings that fly high above its crisp low-end, the track leaves ample space for the infectious sample work and keyboard flourishes to play around in, especially once its takes off midway through. The visuals for the track, directed by Amir Abassi, reflect the gradually shifting soundscapes of "Hi Rollin'": Monochromatic reflections give way to full-blown, dizzying color as the piece plays out.