Eglo Announces Anniversary Compilation

Following several months of gestation, Eglo Records—home to artists like Floating Points (pictured above), Funkineven, and Fatima—has announced a forthcoming double-CD compilation, Eglo Records Vol. 1, to celebrate four years of the label's existence. Presented in chronological order, the compilation kicks off with Floating Points' inaugural 7", "Radiality," and proceeds through the imprint's entire catalog. The record will finish off with four previously unreleased tunes from Fatima, Shaunise, Gifted & Blessed, and the Floating Points Ensemble. Given that, the collection functions both as a retrospective and an introduction to the label's output in 2013, which will include upcoming releases by Floating Points and Fatima, as well as singles from new signees Dirg Gerner and Strange U. In addition to all the tracks, the compilation will feature a 20-page booklet, with a foreward from label boss Alexander Nut and photography from Vent Fury. Eglo Records Vol. 1 is out April 29. The artwork and full tracklist are posted below.

01 Floating Points "Radiality"
02 Floating Points "Vacuum Boogie"
03 Funkineven feat. Fatima "Kleer"
04 Shuanise "Catch"
05 Fatima "Soul Glo"
06 Funkineven "She’s Acid"
07 Floating Points "Shark Chase"
08 Arp.101 "Dead Leaf"
09 Funkineven "Heart Pound"
10 Arp.101 "Flush"
11 Mizz Beats "Sanctuary"
01 Fatima feat. Floating Points "Innervisions"
02 Floating Points "Sais (Dub)"
03 Floating Points "Marylin"
04 Funkineven "Roland’s Jam"
05 Floating Points "Danger"
06 Arp.101 "U"
07 Mizz Beats "Scientific Brainpriest"
08 Floating Points "Myrtle Avenue"
09 Fatima "Visit You"
10 Floating Points Ensemble "Wires"
11 Shuanise "Mercy"
12 GB Presents The Abstract Eye "Reflexes"