Video Premiere: Mvrvy "Clouds"

Mvrvy (pronounced Marvy) is the new production handle of French booty-bass jock Marvy Da Pimp, who has—at least for the moment—set aside his somewhat debaucherous production interests in favor of a more subdued and cerebral approach to beatmaking. It's a dramatic change of pace, but it certainly seems to be working in this short but visually impressive clip for Mvrvy's "Clouds." While the piece does not run for the full length of the track, the augmented reality and 3-D worlds featured in the Romain Cieutat-directed video add an incredibly engaging visual element to Mvrvy's cool and calm beatwork. "Clouds" will serve as the b-side to the Frenchman's forthcoming "Cumulo Nimbus" single, which is set to be the inaugural release for Mvrvy's new label project, Le Motel, when it drops in mid-April.