Perc Trax Announces New Imprint

Perc Trax, the London-based techno and tech-house label run by Ali Wells (a.k.a. Perc), is apparently looking to diversify, as it just announced the imminent arrival of a new sub label, simply called Perc Trax Ltd. Wells' new endeavor will aim for the dancefloor while focusing solely on collaborations, one-off releases, and reissues; the label's debut release will be a remix EP for Matt Whitehead's "A is for Acid" (artwork above). Originally released last year on Don't, "A is for Acid" will receive two re-edits by Perc himself in addition to a cover version of the track from MPIA3 (a.k.a. Truss), but the original mix will not make an appearance.

As Juno Plus reports, Perc's goal for Perc Trax Ltd. is to "aim shamelessly for the dancefloor whilst avoiding big-room cliches." The label boss goes on to call "A is for Acid" a "perfect snapshot of London techno." In addition to the new label, an as-yet-untitled second imprint that will focus on noise and more improvised music is also on the horizon for Wells. Meanwhile, the inaugural release from Perc Trax Ltd. is available to preview below before it is released at the end of April.