Watch Todd Edwards Talk Studio Sessions, the West Coast, and Daft Punk

"It's been difficult keeping this secret," Todd Edwards says at the outset of the new Collaborators clip from The Creators Project. Edwards has not worked with Daft Punk since 2001, when he co-wrote and sang on Discovery single "Face to Face," which helps explain the energetic and emotional way he describes his experience working on the French duo's upcoming new record, Random Access Memories. The New Jersey-born DJ/producer has been making music on his own for 20 years, often taking a sparse, space-filled "micro sample" approach to sequencing his tunes. He describes at length the various experimental approaches he and Daft Punk took to building cuts for the record, a mix of live instrumentation (which Edwards was somewhat unfamiliar with) and cutting up samples of those recordings on the spot. Edwards also shares that Daft Punk specifically set out to create a "West Coast" vibe for Random Access Memories, and that his three-week experience working on the record was so inspiring that he ended up moving from New Jersey to Southern California. The full interview can be watched below.